PDX Premium Cleaning Services

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Estimate fees are based on homes and apartments with average cleaning needs. Some homes and apartments need a great deal more attention than others. Calling for an in-home estimate will determine what additional charges may apply to your cleaning job.

General Cleans: $27/hr / Deep Cleans: $35/hr

Minimum Price/Time: $60.00/2 hours

The below pricing guild will give you an approximate on the cost of your cleaning by square footage:

0-700 sq foot home .............$60-$90

701-1000 sq foot home ..... $90-$110

1001-1500 sq foot home ... $110-$135

1501-2100 sq foot home ... $135-$160

2101-2600 sq foot home ... $160-$185

2601-3100 sq foot home ... $185-$210

3101-3600 sq foot home ... $210-$230

3601-4000 sq foot home ... $230-$255

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