PDX Premium Cleaning Services

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At PDX Premium Cleaning Services, we offer a wide range of cleaning services that will help you keep your home feeling comfortable and organized. Our cleaning  services include, but are not limited too:

Offices and Retail Space Medical Offices Commercial and Storage Bathrooms and Maintenance Storefronts.  Flexible Scheduling Hours (night/day/weekends


Regular Cleaning; One time Cleaning, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly  Service



•Wipe down countertops

•Wipe down outside of all appliances

•Clean sinks and faucet

•Wipe down backsplashes

•Wipe down outside of cupboards & drawers

•Clean door and drawer handles

•Take out trash and recycling

•Clean out trash can and recycling bins



Dining Room:

•Clean tables and chair

•Wipe down all surfaces




Living Room/Family Room:

•Dust all surfaces

•Microfiber cloth wipe electronics

•Clean all surface

•Clean all knobs and handles

•Dust and clean lamps

•Vaccume or wipe down furniture





•Wipe down all surfaces

•Clean sinks and faucets

•Clean shower and tub

•Clean mirrors

•Clean toilet inside and out

•Clean all knobs and handles

•Empty trash

•Clean out trash can





•Dust surfaces

•Wipe down surfaces

•Microfiber cloth wipe electronics

•Clean all knobs and handles

•Wipe down closet doors

•Clean mirrors

•Dust and clean lamp


Throughout House:




•Clean baseboards

•Spot clean walls

•Remove cobwebs

•Laundry pickup

•Wipe down surface of washer/drye

•Pick up floors

•Clean window sills

•Dust light fixtures

•Spot clean outlets and light switches

•Clean sliding glass/french doors

•Spot clean all doors